1/12 First-order STORM TROOPER Executioner [4549660197539]

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Item description

It is a plastic model of Stormtrooper, which is characterized by a black line of the head appearing in "Star Wars / Last Jedi". We also faithfully reproduce the new Stormtrooper helmet that appears in this work. Two kinds of weapons including the newly appearing claw-like weapon and eight kinds of hand parts are attached. Effective parts are also attached to the new armament, you can take a powerful action pose. Also included are parts of the conventional First Order Stormtrooper which also changed helmet design as well, it is a selectable formula which can be reproduced both high value items. Total height: about 142 mm [INCLUDED ACCESSORIES] ■ Shoulder pad × 2 species ■ Dedicated display base × 1 ■ F-11D blaster rifle × 1 ■ EP8 New Arm × 1 ■ Effect parts × 1 ■ Hand parts × 8 species Weapon possession (right and left) × 1 each ■ Gun handle (right and left) × 1 each ■ Hirate (left and right) × 1 each ■ Fist (left and right) × 1 each [CONTENTS] ■ Sprue x 7 ■ Water-transfer decal x 1 ■ Marking seal × 1 ■ Instruction manual x 1

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