1/12 CLONE TROOPER [4549660075745]

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Episode 2 / Clone Attack, "Episode 3 / Revenge of Sith" "Clone ? Trooper" reproduced on 1/12 scale. Two kinds of head parts are attached, and it is possible to produce the style of your choice. ? detail Detailed detail verification of the material reproduces detail detail, condensed in the 1/12 scale. ? Head Parts Two head parts are attached and it is possible to assemble the Phase I ? II clone ? trooper. ? Macro binuclear macro binuclear can also be installed selectively. ? Weapon 2 type weapon included. ? Reproduce the action pose by moving the joint movable joint. ? Hand Parts Scene can be reproduced by various hand parts. ? Display base dedicated to display is included. Multiple connections can be made with joint parts. yAccessoriesz Display Base Head x 2 (Phase I ~ 1, Phase II ~ 1) DC-15 Blaster DC-15 Rifle Macrobiochemical (Phase II Selected Parts) ~ 1 Various Hand Parts ~ 6 Hand ~ 2, flat ~ 2, fists ~ 2)

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