Star Wars The Force Awakens Captain Phasma 1/12 Scale Model Kit [4549660032281]

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Item description

Reproduced in 1/12 scale appeared in the "awakening of the Star Wars / Force," "Captain Fazuma". A characteristic silver armor reproduced in plating, the included cloak and weapons, directing the image in the play. Reproduce the distinctive silver armor of Captain Fazuma in commitment plating specification. Reproduce the action poses by the movable of joint mobility and cloakroom. Characteristic cloak is reproduced in the two types of material of the molded article and cloth. To verify the documents a wide range in order to reproduce the precise detail, condensation in the 1/12 scale. Fazuma dedicated blaster is included. Base image the in the play of the accessory. It can also be linked with other products of the pedestal of the sale. [Accessory] exclusive display base ~ 1, Fazuma dedicated Blaster ~ 1, hand parts ~ 6 (weapon possession ~ 2, smack ~ 2, fist ~ 2), cloak ~ 2 types (molded article cloak ~ 1, cloth cloak ~ 1) [Buy] molded article ~ 7, cloth cloak for line seal ~ 1, water transfer type decal ~ 1, marking seal ~ 1, assembly instructions 1

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