Star Wars Boba Fett 1/12 scale Model Kit [4549660013051]

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Than "Strikes Back Star Wars Episode 5 / empire," bounty hunter "Boba Fett" appeared in the 1/12 scale. Proportions of pursuit and color reproduction, detail involved to detail, reproduce the scene in the play with the supplied weapons and pedestal. ? detail to reproduce the detail over the details by the verification of thorough documentation, condensation in the 1/12 scale. ? jet pack reproduce the jet pack on the back, left and right of the injection nozzle is moveable. ? display base comes with one of the image of the floor of the vessels. It can also be linked with other products of the pedestal. ? sight distance measuring aiming measuring head is movable. ? Weapon comes with a characteristic weapon of Boba Fett. Reproducible various attacks scenes. ? hand parts in the replacement of the hand parts, can represent a variety of poses. [Accessory] exclusive display base ~ 1, jet pack ~ 1, blaster rifle ~ 1, blaster pistol ~ 1, hand part four (right weapon possession ~ 1 ? grip hand ~ 2 ? left Smacking ~ 1) [ Buy] molded article ~ 8, water transfer type decal ~ 1, marking seal ~ 1, assembly instructions 1

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